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Recipe: Detox Water


When I’m not feeling my greatest – like today, when my stomach is bloated and gurgling like crazy – I tend to increase my water intake. Water helps all organs function and ensures that the gut is working efficiently. Water can ensure that digestive functioning is at its peak, and reduce the chances of developing ulcers, gastritis and acid reflux. Check out this cool infographic that describes all the other ways that water helps our bodies function!

For me, buying water from the store is a waste of money and contributes to the ever increasing amount of trash that the Earth is holding. I bought this enormous jug at Ikea for $5 and it sits on my bedside table to ensure that I have access to water throughout the night (if I wake up) and first thing in the morning.

Today I decided to make a flavored water to encourage my to drink more due to my tummy troubles. Flavored water doesn’t have too be fancy to taste delicious. This particular water only took 2 ingredients!

Ginger Lime Water

1 lime
1 thumb ginger, diced
1 pitcher of water

In a small bowl combine ginger with the juice of one lime. Swish together (very sophisticated culinary skills being put to use here), and add to water pitcher. My water pitcher is 34oz. Enjoy!


Hope your day is sunny!




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