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Documentary Alert!


I don’t know about you, but I LOVE watching documentaries. I mean sure, most of the ones that I choose to watch are preaching to the choir (read: all the ones that promote vegan lifestyles, anti-animal cruelty, environmental protection, etc) but I never cease to learn something new.

As I was on the public library website looking up a book that a YouTube blogger recommended (Whole by T. Colin Campbell), I came across a documentary that I hadn’t yet seen. It came out in 2010 and somehow I never crossed paths with it while watching the dozens of other vegan lifestyle docs.

It didn’t offer any revolutionary information for me, but I think it is a great look at the study by Caldwell Esselstyn which produced the follow photo of (A) a diseased and damaged coronary artery and, 32 months later, a completely healthy and healed coronary artery. And if the film doesn’t satisfy your curiosity, feel free to peruse this article.

coronary angiogram.jpg

T. Colin Campbell also features predominantly in the film and discusses his work on The China Study which dissected the risk factors for developing cardiovascular diseases in both rural and more well-developed areas of China.

The film has several smaller features of restaurants that seem to serve only vegan options. It even features Baby Cakes Bakery in NYC! BTW if you haven’t been there before, you totally need to check it out. The only time I’ve gone, I think I walked half the length of Manhattan to get there, that’s how excited I was.

All in all, I’d give the documentary an 8/10 for its interesting mix of evidence-based research, practical application in restaurants and anecdotal testimony.

Also – if you have a library card and your library participates, totally check out Hoopla. It is a website and an iPhone app that allows users to download/stream various library materials (books, audiobooks, films, etc) to a phone or laptop for FREE. Usually, I use it to listen to audiobooks in my car but I LOVE that I could stream this documentary from the website. [Not sponsored]



I'm a social worker, a vegan, a reader...and I'm in need of a place to collect all the amazing things that I encounter in my day to day life. I'll be posting about the little things, the small, sunny moments that keep me going.

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