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Sunny Vermont

Vermont 1.jpgI went to Killington, Vermont this weekend for a friend’s bachelorette party and was just amazed by how beautiful the scenery was! I drove up Friday night, so I wasn’t able to see much until the following day. And what was even better was the ride home – in the daylight; I was able to see all mountains, rivers, and little towns that I had missed on my way up. I snapped this photo from the deck of the house I stayed at. It was such a gorgeous day out and the sky was such a vibrant shade of blue!



I'm a social worker, a vegan, a reader...and I'm in need of a place to collect all the amazing things that I encounter in my day to day life. I'll be posting about the little things, the small, sunny moments that keep me going.

2 thoughts on “Sunny Vermont

  1. Vermont is very picturesque in pretty much any season. We love going there!
    I read your about section. You sound like you have a very caring, bubbly and cute personality.

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