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Vibrant Bowls, a reflection.


I know I’m not the first person to write at-length about how wonderful and delicious smoothie bowls are to eat. So I won’t go on too long. But this particular one really stuck out to me because of the color. And I had just gotten some Goji berries which I was very excited to use – you know, cause all the cool bloggers use them.

I slurped this up in about 10 minutes, which is probably 8 minutes longer than it would have taken if I hadn’t forced myself to sit down and actually enjoy each bite. Let’s just say that mindful eating is definitely not my strong suit. The way that my days go, I am usually frantically driving around the city while also trying to make calls and eat before an appointment. As you can imagine, there really isn’t too much time for enjoyment.

However, I’ve noticed that even when I’m not at work, I tend to inhale my food anyway. My partner even told me that I should eat more slowly one night after I began complaining of a stomach ache. We had finished dinner about 10 minutes earlier, and I had gulped down my food so quickly, I ended up waiting for him to finish.

For me, cooking and preparing food is therapeutic, and it helps me to slow down a bit after a long and busy day. I would like to find ways that I can extend that mindfulness through the actual consumption of the meal – I make some good food and I should be enjoying it!

As I focus more on trying out new recipes and creating my own, I am going to make an effort to slow down meal time whether its at work or in the comfort of my own home.



I'm a social worker, a vegan, a reader...and I'm in need of a place to collect all the amazing things that I encounter in my day to day life. I'll be posting about the little things, the small, sunny moments that keep me going.

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