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Exciting Vegan Things

Remember how I said that I might have a snow day?
Well I didn’t get one….I got two! Even though today the roads are totally clear, its not snowing at all, and the temperature is only 21 degrees F – aka we totally could have had work today – I’m thankful for the second day off. March is one of those months that seems to never end, so having some time off breaks it up.

On to the point of this post – exciting vegan things! There are a few documentaries out/coming out that I learned about yesterday while I was scrolling through YouTube. Plant Based News posted a video about the top 5 Vegan Documentaries of 2017 and he listed the following:

  • What the Health (releases 3/16/17)
  • Eating You Alive (released 2016, just watched, review to come)
  • Eating Our Way to Extinction (release date TBD)
  • Carnage (releasing Spring 2017)
  • Game Changers (release date 2017 TBD)

All of them look pretty interesting, but if you’re like me and have watched pretty much every available documentary on the vegan lifestyle and/or the nature of animal agriculture, then you’re probably wondering how relevant or novel these documentaries could be. And I’m right there with you. Having watching all of the ‘big’ documentaries and a ton of shorter, lesser known ones as well, I find myself hearing the same information over and over again. Plus, its not like they are convincing me of anything – I’m already vegan!

That being said, there is a lot of talk about What The Health (its being released tomorrow!) because there are new interviews with health industry folks that seem to demonstrate that The Man is hiding a whole lot from us little people aka consumers of health care, pharmaceuticals, and food. I’ve already pre-ordered it because I too am excited to see what the hype is. And I have recently started to compile some easy to remember facts so when folks question why I am vegan, I can provide a sound and scientifically-backed answer.

As noted above, I just watched Eating You Alive and I’ll be posting a review on that soon. I plan on doing the same for What The Health. Hopefully those can be up within the next week or so!

If you watch or plan on watching the films, let me know what you think of them! I’m always interested in learning what others take away from these types of docs.



I'm a social worker, a vegan, a reader...and I'm in need of a place to collect all the amazing things that I encounter in my day to day life. I'll be posting about the little things, the small, sunny moments that keep me going.

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