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Doc Review: What the Health

what the health

A new vegan/health documentary was released last week – with much anticipation and build up if I do say so myself. YouTubers were making preview videos about it and offering brief pre-release reviews to entice folks to watch it. I wasn’t given an pre-release screening, but I did watch it on ‘opening day’ so to speak and overall, I really enjoyed it.

I am going to give a brief overview of the movie along with my honest thoughts about the film – this post is certainly not sponsored, nor do I have any stake in posting positively about this film. What drew me to watching it was, mostly, the hype being built up by some of the vegan YouTubers that I follow and their views that this documentary offered a new look at the Big Agriculture/Big Pharma industry.

Always looking to gather more knowledge, I decided to watch it and take some notes. Below are some highlights and topics that the film featured.

Topics included

  • The cause of diabetes (Hint: its not sugar or carbs)
    • Hypocrisy of American Cancer Society (ACS) and American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the American Heart Association (AHA) in their advocacy for eating of meat/processed meat
  • Toxins in food
    • Dioxin, pcbs, mercury, etc
  • Dairy and lactose-intolerance of most people of color
  • In-depth look at the American Diabetes Association, American Cancer Society, Susan G Komen Foundation, and the American Heart Association in relation to their funding, their sponsors, and their food or meal plan advocacy
  • Fraud of Big Pharma

Also included in the film was some testimony from two formerly imprisoned folks – an activist and a former USDA meat inspector who was jailed for being a whistle blower in reporting mad cow disease in US beef.

A really interesting quote from the movie that really stuck out to me was…

We already have people dying from salmonella and other things that you eat. We have about 3,000 people dying every year…in the United States! Thats more than the number of people that were killed in 9/11, in the twin towers in New York. If we had some terrorist organization killing 3,000 people a year, we would be all over it! …The antibiotic resistant bacteria deaths that we have, on top of that, we get 20,000 people dying a year. Thats seven 9/11s every year…Can you imagine if that many people were being killed by some terrorist group in the United States every year?! We would find them!

– Jaydee Hanson, Center for Food Safety, Senior Policy Analyst

My take-aways:

Honestly, I did learn more about the disease foundation industry (ACS, ADA, AHA, etc) than I knew prior to watching this film. They had a lot of little tidbits of information that I hadn’t really thought about before, and it has armed me for battle the next time someone tries to knock veganism or question why I “do this to myself”.
In addition, I didn’t know some of the information that was discussed about diabetes. No one in my family has diabetes (that I know of…) so I don’t really get how it works. This film helped me to understand a bit more.
I enjoyed hearing from the various speakers and the narrator/creators of the film did a great job being curious, pushing back when they weren’t given information, and trying to get the whole story.

I give it a 10/10, and honestly, I think I’m going to watch it again for any information that I might have missed the first time around!

Interested in watching for yourself? Check out the link below to the website where you can purchase the movie in DVD form or stream it online.

(Note: I do not receive any compensation from posting this, nor is this an affiliate link!)



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