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Spring Cleaning: Planning pt 2

Back again with the next 4 domains in our journey to Spring Cleaning! As we discussed last time, the assessment that I used to assess what areas of life could be in need of some decluttering listed 7 domains of wellness. They are…physical wellness, social wellness, emotional wellness, environmental wellness, occupational wellness, spiritual wellness and intellectual wellness.

Putting effort into supporting each of these domains will help you to lead a balanced and happy life – for the most part! We all know that there are bumps in the road, but that’s a post for another time. Let’s get into the last 4 domains and some ideas about how you could support each of them.


Environmental Wellness:
We are all well aware by now that the Earth is changing – and its not for the good. With changes in the climate causing crazy weather and impacting communities around the world, everyone should be doing their part to build a movement for a healthier planet. It might even lead to a healthier you!

  • Start a garden! There are so many ways to grow your own food – whether you only have space/time for a container or two, or you have the yard space for a raised bed – anyone can grow plants! Check out Pinterest for ideas about which plants would be the easiest to grow or how to build your own vegetable trellis.
  • Composting – even if you can’t grow food, you can always ‘grow’ your own soil. Composting is helpful in many ways; not only are you preventing food waste from being dumped in the landfill, you’re making soil that can help nourish the earth and the plants that grow in it.
  • Adopt a Zero Waste lifestyle. I’ve noticed over the past several years that there is a movement toward adopting a waste-free lifestyle (reducing your trash output to zero) which I am totally down for. But it can be hard – take notice of the trash you create in 1 day, you’d be amazed – so educate yourself and be kind to yourself because it takes work.
    • Book: The Zero Waste Home – Bea Johnson
    • YouTubers: The Girl Gone Green, Trash is for Tossers, Rogue Gone Vogue, Sustainably Vegan, The Minimalist Ninja and Eco Boost
    • Films: No Impact Man, Bag It, The Clean Bin Project, Just Eat It, Plastic Paradise, Living on One Dollar, Bottled Life (Find a synopsis them here!)
  • Minimalism is a different lens on the Zero Waste idea. It focuses more on having less in general and focuses on quality over quantity. If you search it on Pinterest, the home decor is really beautiful. Some people consider it more aesthetic than zero-waste.
    • TedTalks: Check out this listing!
    • Film: Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things
  • Biking, walking and car sharing more. Not only will you get in shape and save money, but you’ll also be doing the planet a favor! Good job!

Occupational Wellness:
This domain is all about feeling both satisfied with and challenged by your job. Its important to like your job (most of the time!) but there has to be an element of challenge to keep you interested and striving to learn and grow. Take a look below for some suggestions on how to ensure that you are setting yourself up for success.

  • Take a class – sometimes to move up a pay grade or get a better set of responsibilities, we need skills; taking a class can be one way to achieve that. Look at Groupon or LivingSocial which often have deals on professional/adult classes or check out your local newspaper or community college!
  • Have a work buddy! There’s nothing better than having someone to rant to/with about an awful exchange that you had at work or the weird vibes you’re getting from your boss. Keep it appropriate though, and if you are really concerned about the way others are treating you…
  • Ask for formal supervision and regular feedback (if possible). While this doesn’t exist in every field, both can be super helpful especially if you are suffering from a case of Imposter Syndrome or you need some third-party advice. Plus you can go to this person with help if you are feeling like your co-workers aren’t respecting your boundaries.
  • Negotiate for higher pay – More money doesn’t always mean more problems. If you haven’t been offered a raise in wayyy too long, then just ask! Especially if you have been demonstrating extra effort, been with your employer for a year or more, or have taken on more responsibility than is generally asked of your position.
  • Take a personality/job placement test – Ever wonder if you would make a good social worker, teacher, entrepreneur, or astronaut? Why don’t you find out! Most personality tests include info on job sectors that you would fit best with – but don’t take that as a limit or throw out your dream career just because a 15 minute test said you aren’t meant to be a designer.

Spiritual Wellness:

Not everyone is religious and there are even some folks who aren’t into informal spirituality – if that’s you, you can skip this one! But for others, there is comfort in having either a formalized religious practice or an informal way of connecting with a greater Being or Energy.

  • Practice mindfulness and be in the moment – anyone can benefit from this practice and it doesn’t preach one religion over another. Try out the following tools:
    •  Apps: Headspace, Smiling Mind, Mindfulness Daily, Calm, and Stop Breath and Think
    • Need a reason to read some books? Check out this listing.
    • Get out into Nature – Some people find comfort in being around Nature as evidence of a great Being or Energy, plus it is a great way to increase activity.
    • Alternatively, add some plants to your home.
    • Or get into salt lamps, incense, crystals, and essential oil diffusers, all of which are super hot on Pinterest right now!
    • Start a journal about your connection to yourself and other beings in the world

Intellectual Wellness:

Many of the suggestions above could be placed under this domain because many activities that encourage the use of the mind help to build up intellectual wellness.

  • Listen to audiobooks (Check out Audible or Hoopla which is through some local libraries) or pick up a good old fashion novel from your local library
  • Watch documentaries that help expand your world view
  • Read the newspaper, listen to public radio, or get a subscription to a daily news email
  • Take classes – for fun! – online or in person
  • Go to museums, art shows, plays, musicals, etc. Sometimes libraries offer discounted or free passes
  • Adopt a new hobby like knitting, collecting, or whale watching!


I hope you were able to find some inspiration in the last two posts. Take some time to pick some attainable goals for yourself – maybe you only work on one domain at a time, or implement one change every other week. There’s no need to rush! I’ve found that when too much is attempted all at once, nothing ends up sticking at all. Come back on Sunday for the next phase in our Series – I’ll be going more in-depth about goal setting and I’ll also be sharing my own goals for the Spring.



I'm a social worker, a vegan, a reader...and I'm in need of a place to collect all the amazing things that I encounter in my day to day life. I'll be posting about the little things, the small, sunny moments that keep me going.

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