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Check-in and Wrap-up

Its been several weeks since the Spring Cleaning series began. At this point, hopefully you have set goals and begun to map out ways to achieve them. Maybe you’ve encountered some barriers and are using the three tips from last weeks post to tackle them. Or maybe this the first post you’re reading, and you have no idea what I’m talking about!

Don’t end up like this guy!

In any case, I thought I would go back and summarize the Spring Cleaning series into one short post to tie things up.

Here’s a look back at the different steps for getting started on your own Spring Cleaning.

Step 1: Assess. 
We took a look at the following domains using the University of North Dakota wellness template. The domains that it assesses are physical wellness, social wellness, emotional wellness, environmental wellness, occupational wellness, spiritual wellness, and intellectual wellness

Step 2: Plan for Success.
These two posts listed out suggestions for how to support each of the 7 domains that our assessment looked at. Take a look at them here and here.

Step 3: Craft Goals
Using a series of reflective questions, I explained how to create goals that tap into your motivations. This tool included asking:

  • Why did you chose to focus on a particular domain?
  • Is there something causing this area to be unsatisfactory?
  • Why is this domain/goal valuable?

After going through that reflective exercise, choose what actions will move you toward attaining your goal and then assign time and frequency to your actions. Finally, setting a check-in date of a couple weeks will help you stay on track.

Step 4: Break through Barriers.

In this post, I discuss 3 tips to help folks break through barriers that are preventing them from achieving their goals. Change is difficult, and if we continue to do the same thing over and over – despite it not working – change will never occur. Here are the three tips I have to share:

  • Engage the fear.
  • Do Something Different.
  • Self-Monitor

So far, I have been achieving some of the goals that I created for spring cleaning. I chose to focus on my social domain because I have always struggled to keep in touch with friends – especially following college graduation and joining the full-time work force. I hope that you’ve learned something in this series and that it will help you in some way.

Thanks for following along on this journey!



I'm a social worker, a vegan, a reader...and I'm in need of a place to collect all the amazing things that I encounter in my day to day life. I'll be posting about the little things, the small, sunny moments that keep me going.

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