My name is Carolyn and I’m a social worker. And a vegan. And a reader.
And in need of a place to write things so I don’t flood my friends with stories when I see them.

I’m starting this blog in February 2017 because I wanted an outlet to write about the amazing, beautiful, and sometimes heart-breaking things that I experience every day with the young people that I work with at my job (I’ll never use names or identifying information!). I work with young people who are involved with the criminal justice system – either being arrested or being the victim. It’s a hard job, but I’m loving the families that I meet and the experiences I share with my colleagues and with my clients.

I’m also starting this because I am obsessed with food and I’ve wanted a place to store recipes that I create or try out from other sources. I have always wanted to create a food blog, but I’m not sure that I can dedicate an entire blog to just food – that’s a lot of recipes that I’m not sure I have time for!

And what else will this blog capture? Whatever adds a small, sunny moment to my day.